How big is your community?

For Junior Leagues, “community” is usually defined by the geographic area from which they draw members, raise funds and carry out their programs. For the women of the Junior League of Evanston-North Shore, who serve in Evanston and the towns … Read more

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Sometimes change takes a while

Human trafficking has been high on the legislative agenda of the Junior Leagues of the State of New York State Public Affairs Committee since 2006, when NYSPAC members urged members of the New York State Assembly and Senate to enact … Read more


Making a difference in Tampa

It’s no surprise that, at AJLI, we often write about innovative programs and initiatives by individual Junior Leagues. We are naturally proud of all of the great things that our Leagues are doing, particularly in terms of addressing serious issues … Read more

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We need more women in politics!


How about that for a post-election analysis?

And the nice thing is, it’s a true call whether you’re from a blue state or a red state. Consider these statistics:

Prior to election day 2016, 104 women served in the … Read more