Monthly Archive: March 2010

Who Was Mary Harriman?

What makes 160,000 women in 4 countries join a women’s volunteer organization dedicated to fostering civic leadership?

The enduring legacy of Junior League founder, Mary Harriman.

But who was Mary Harriman?

She was born to great wealth as the … Read more

Helping Kids Walk Away from Fast Food

There’s a lot of talk about childhood obesity. And no one seriously doubts the link between fat-filled fast food grabbed at take-out restaurants and weight problems. But how do you begin to break the cycle that locks kids – particularly disadvantaged children in urban areas – into a fast food diet for life? We believe education has to begin at home – but schools and communities also play a critical role. … Read more »

How Long Does it Take to Read a Child a Story?

It depends on how many kids. It depends on how many stories. And, if you are one of the 10,000 members of the 12 Junior Leagues of Georgia, it depends on how much time you have to give. How about 1 million minutes? … Read more »

Want Some Green Goblin Veggies With That Pita Pocket Paradise?

With National Nutrition Month upon us in the United States and Canada, maybe it’s time to spend less time talking about childhood obesity rates and more time talking about how to involve kids in healthy eating. With that in mind, … Read more