Monthly Archive: April 2010

WASPs and The Junior League? It’s Not What You Think

As anyone familiar with The Junior League knows, it’s got its share of WASPs. But this past week, we applauded the long-awaited recognition of WASPs with a different sting. To coincide with Women’s History Month, the U.S. Congress awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to the approximately 300 living members of the original 1,100 Women Airport Service Pilots (WASPs), many of them members of The Junior League, who tested and transported military aircraft between U.S. airbases so that male pilots could conduct combat missions overseas in World War II. … Read more »

Happy 40th Birthday, Earth Day!

Four decades after the first Earth Day, this ecological celebration is alive and well – and bigger than ever.

While The Junior League is perhaps best known for our work with programs supporting women and children – in areas like … Read more

What’s So Special About April?

We Americans like to designate particular months as reminders of important causes or larger ideals—nutrition and women’s history are March, black history is February, mental health and foster care is May. But few hit home emotionally as much as April’s … Read more