Monthly Archive: July 2010

Literacy Requires Reading – Even in the Summer!

Literacy has been a core focus of The Junior League for decades.  But the kind of literacy program that makes us smile is a program that puts good books in the hands of kids.  And what better time to do … Read more

What if they renamed “domestic violence?”

Would that make it any better?

They did – it’s now called “intimate partner violence.” Ask Mel Gibson. Allegations of violence, threats, intimidation and racist ranting aired in media coverage of tapes made by his ex-companion recently would, if true, … Read more

There’s no human trafficking in my community, right?

This is just one of many misconceptions associated with the problem of human trafficking.  Several weeks ago, The New York Times reported that eight people were indicted in Brooklyn, NY on charges that include sex trafficking or promoting prostitution of … Read more