Monthly Archive: February 2011

So What Else Was Julia Child Known For?

Long before Food Network, there was Julia Child.

When The French Chef debuted on WGBH 38 years ago this February, it was more than just one of the first cooking shows on American television. The French Chef introduced … Read more

Why not do something different this Valentine’s Day?

Maybe it’s worth taking a minute on Monday to think about the flip side of Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, and pink teddy bears.

The flip side is domestic violence.

Everyone knows it’s a big problem, but what can we do … Read more

So how do you make an impact?

Good question.  Like many Leagues, the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay (JLOEB) has wrestled with it for decades.  And the answer, at least in the past, has been: Start something that lasts.

Take domestic violence.

JLOEB started the Family Stress … Read more

The Junior Leagues Look Back on 110 Years of Members’ Civic Leadership

In 1901, 86 years before Congress formalized Women’s History Month and 19 years before American women were given the right to vote, a young New York socialite named Mary Harriman had an idea unusual for her class and time: … Read more

So what do people think of when they hear ‘Super Bowl’?

Let’s check on Google and see. Search Super Bowl and parties and you get 60.4 million hits. Search Super Bowl and chili and you get 1.16 million hits. Search Super Bowl and prostitution and you get 350,000 hits. … Read more »