Monthly Archive: September 2011

Human trafficking is a global problem

. . .that knows no borders. Today, around the world, there are more people held in slavery than at the height of the transatlantic slave trade. The United Nations estimates that 12 million people worldwide are exploited through forced labor

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Healthy kids are a good thing, right?

Sure. Next question.

Well, the next question is, what can we, as a volunteer organization and as individuals, do to achieve that worthy goal?

With the approach of Child Health Day, an annual federal observance day that falls on … Read more

Cybercrime: Do you know where your children are (online)?

A Rutgers University freshman jumps to his death off the George Washington Bridge after an intimate moment with a romantic partner is recorded and broadcast over the Internet by his roommate. A 13-year-old girl hangs herself in her bedroom closet … Read more