Monthly Archive: October 2011

What does Kids in the Kitchen have to do with Halloween?

Not much.

KITK programs typically take place in the spring. Halloween, well, you know.

KITK focuses on helping children make healthy choices about food and nutrition. Halloween, well, you know.

KITK is in its sixth straight year at more than … Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October, now recognized around the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, brings to the forefront of our minds an illness that has touched each and everyone of us. It is a time of year that underscores a … Read more

Do we really need a national Food Day?

Well, we have one now. October 24 is the first annual Food Day in the United States. Sponsored by an advocacy group called Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Food Day organization “seeks to bring together Americans … Read more

Does what we do really make a difference?

That’s a question many people who volunteer their time and talent have asked, at one time for another.

In answering that question, at least at The Junior League, you need to look at a longer perspective than just what … Read more