Monthly Archive: November 2011

Pausing to say thanks…

As we pause to give thanks for all of the things we take for granted throughout the rest of the year, I wanted to share with you some of the interesting experiences I’ve had this fall, and the insights I’ve … Read more

What makes a good program a good program?

Based on what the Junior League of Pensacola (JULEP) is doing with its foster care initiative, we’d say the formula is: pressing need + community support + total commitment + willingness to adapt.

JULEP is in the fifth year of … Read more

What is it about Thanksgiving?

Americans have had a love affair with Thanksgiving for generations (along with Canadians, though they celebrate it in October). And, while it is an intensely family-oriented holiday (with lots of football added), Thanksgiving also serves as the catalyst for many … Read more

In case you missed it, Nov. 15th is National Philanthropy Day!

Junior Leaguers may not typically think of themselves as philanthropists, although what we do here meets Wikipedia’s etymological definition of the term as “the love of humanity” as well as the practical definition of “private initiatives for public good, … Read more

What do girls need to know about life?

You’ve seen it in the media. You’ve talked about it with other parents. And sometimes your own daughter will open up and talk about it. It goes by a lot of names – cyberbullying…power cliques…and mean girls (they even made … Read more