Monthly Archive: July 2012

What does getting muddy have to do with self-esteem?

At the Junior League of the Quad Cities, it’s a key element of an ambitious program to nurture self-esteem among girls and young women.

It’s also part of a larger understanding of self-esteem issues among women and girls. According … Read more

Why is advocacy like baseball?

Because walks and singles are much more common than homeruns…but homeruns are great when they happen!

Just look at the results achieved during the 2012 legislative session by the Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee.

A key … Read more

Reflections on Aurora

Reflections on Aurora
Reflections on Aurora

How do you explain a tragedy like the killings in Aurora, Colorado last weekend? Lives lost. Innocence lost. The unthinkable once again a reality. The news has been filled with speculation about why a promising Ph.D. student would create such … Read more

Does Hunger Stop in Summer? (Cont.)

School Cafeteria
School Cafeteria

Two years ago, we asked that question. And the answer is still no.

The statistics on hunger in America, particularly among children, are startling to many (to see them, go to the website of Feeding America), but a … Read more