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If at first you don’t succeed, try it a different way

Launched in 2008, the Junior League of Philadelphia‘s (JLP) Project GREEN: Using Nature to Nurture was focused on the intersection of children’s health and wellness and the natural environment. Project GREEN was created with three projects in mind: Campus … Read more

Healthy kids are a good thing, right?

Sure. Next question.

Well, the next question is, what can we, as a volunteer organization and as individuals, do to achieve that worthy goal?

With the approach of Child Health Day, an annual federal observance day that falls on … Read more

Happy 6th Birthday, KITK!

Because March is National Nutrition Month in the U.S. and Canada, let’s take a moment to sing Happy Birthday to The Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen program.

Now in its 6th year, and operational in more than 200 … Read more

How strong is the power of association?

Call it the multiplier effect.  Sure, one League out of 292 can make a difference in its own community, but harness the power of 292 Junior Leagues and you can make a big difference around the world. The Leagues are … Read more

So you think college is expensive?

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.  First, start with what we all know – that babies are expensive.  Second, understand that a single component of that cost – diapers – can be as much as $130 a month.  Third, … Read more