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Basic rights can be long in coming

In the last few months, we’ve been reminded by several key events just how precious are our rights as human beings—and how long and hard some have fought to secure them for us.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court nullified … Read more

What Can Katrina Teach Us About Sandy? Susan Danish Responds to That Question Today in the Huffington Post

Today’s Huffington Post featured a piece by AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish entitled ‘Developing “Civic Capital’ — What Can Katrina Teach Us About Sandy?” In it she posits that well-trained volunteers, like the women of The Junior League, constitute a … Read more

What is the value of a trained civic leader?

That’s a question we ask ourselves a lot at AJLI. And the answer is (drum roll, please!) a great deal, even if difficult to measure in traditional professional terms.

Voluntarism has many meanings for different women. For some, it’s joining … Read more

Are you ready for prom season?

They have fun names like Princess for a Night, Butterfly Project, Cinderella’s Closet and All Dressed Up, but the purpose of each program is serious…providing dresses, accessories and, often, hair and make-up aid to young women whose families … Read more

Why not do something different this Valentine’s Day?

Maybe it’s worth taking a minute on Monday to think about the flip side of Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, and pink teddy bears.

The flip side is domestic violence.

Everyone knows it’s a big problem, but what can we do … Read more