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If at first you don’t succeed, try it a different way

Launched in 2008, the Junior League of Philadelphia‘s (JLP) Project GREEN: Using Nature to Nurture was focused on the intersection of children’s health and wellness and the natural environment. Project GREEN was created with three projects in mind: Campus … Read more

Yes, We Did Do More than ‘Just Play Bridge’ Back Then

One of this year’s hottest summer movies looks to be The Help, the entertaining screen version of the best-seller of the same name. Because The Junior League—or at least a fictionalized version of the Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi—plays … Read more

What can one person do in the face of environmental disaster?

A lot, if that person is Casi Callaway.  But not as much as 160,000 committed civic leaders.

When the Gulf oil spill hit, Casi Callaway was already putting her many skills – including Junior League leadership training – to … Read more

Happy 40th Birthday, Earth Day!

Four decades after the first Earth Day, this ecological celebration is alive and well – and bigger than ever.

While The Junior League is perhaps best known for our work with programs supporting women and children – in areas like … Read more