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If at first you don’t succeed, try it a different way

Launched in 2008, the Junior League of Philadelphia‘s (JLP) Project GREEN: Using Nature to Nurture was focused on the intersection of children’s health and wellness and the natural environment. Project GREEN was created with three projects in mind: Campus … Read more

What can one person do in the face of environmental disaster?

A lot, if that person is Casi Callaway.  But not as much as 160,000 committed civic leaders.

When the Gulf oil spill hit, Casi Callaway was already putting her many skills – including Junior League leadership training – to … Read more

Happy 40th Birthday, Earth Day!

Four decades after the first Earth Day, this ecological celebration is alive and well – and bigger than ever.

While The Junior League is perhaps best known for our work with programs supporting women and children – in areas like … Read more