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What Happens When Growing Up Means ‘Aging Out’?

Each year, some 25,000 children “age out” of the foster care system in the U.S. A process known officially as “emancipation,” aging out more often means the loss of stability for young people unprepared for living as adults.

In a … Read more

Life on the Streets

As November, National Adoption Month, draws to a close, it seems appropriate to contemplate the challenges faced by the hundreds of thousands of children in foster care in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico, where orphanages … Read more

What makes a good program a good program?

Based on what the Junior League of Pensacola (JULEP) is doing with its foster care initiative, we’d say the formula is: pressing need + community support + total commitment + willingness to adapt.

JULEP is in the fifth year of … Read more

Yes, We Did Do More than ‘Just Play Bridge’ Back Then

One of this year’s hottest summer movies looks to be The Help, the entertaining screen version of the best-seller of the same name. Because The Junior League—or at least a fictionalized version of the Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi—plays … Read more

What happens when you ‘age out’ of foster care?

Here’s the short list: Finish school. Find a home. Get a job. Create a support system. Think about college or vocational training. And stay out of trouble. The last item can be the toughest, as statistics show that foster youth … Read more