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Hurricane Irma Update

Our thoughts are with the many who were impacted this weekend by Hurricane Irma across the Caribbean and throughout Florida and the coastal Southeastern United States. As of today, Irma has been downgraded substantially but her forces are still destructive … Read more

Hurricane Harvey

It is said that the name “Harvey” means “warrior.”

And a warrior Hurricane Harvey has proven to be. For those of us not in Houston or the other many communities in Southeastern Texas, we watch the news and see unimaginable … Read more

What Can Katrina Teach Us About Sandy? Susan Danish Responds to That Question Today in the Huffington Post

Today’s Huffington Post featured a piece by AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish entitled ‘Developing “Civic Capital’ — What Can Katrina Teach Us About Sandy?” In it she posits that well-trained volunteers, like the women of The Junior League, constitute a … Read more