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Nonprofits and the ‘Promise of America’

This guest post is by Junior League of Buffalo member and former AJLI President Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker, who came to this country as a child with her family as Cuban refugees. Currently President & CEO of the Community Foundation Read more

AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish takes on the media and not-for-profits–and the power of voluntarism

AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish has been unusually prolific in the last week.

First she penned a piece entitled “If a Nonprofit Falls in the Forest” for Stanford Social Innovation Review on the disappearance of reporters from the not-for-profit beat … Read more

Reframing Human Services

As Junior Leagues we are part of the vast network of human services organizations working to create better communities and a better world. What we do is not “discretionary.” We are not “just volunteers” and our Leagues are as well-run … Read more

Letting Go of Dead Ideas

Letting Go of Dead Ideas
Letting Go of Dead Ideas

All of us live with dead ideas – in our personal lives, in our organizations, in our countries and in the world. These are ideas that we hang onto although circumstances around us have changed; beliefs we hold onto that … Read more

The Fiscal Cliff and the Charitable Deduction Policy

Fiscal Cliff
Fiscal Cliff

The Budget Deficit. The Fiscal Cliff. Higher Taxes. Cuts to Entitlements. Whether funded through the government or by private donations, it’s hard for many U.S. nonprofit organizations not to feel anxious and unsettled.

In the midst of the dialogue between … Read more