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No, It Isn’t True (But It Is Funny!)

Is isn't true, but it is funny!
Is isn't true, but it is funny!

What does it take to get The Junior League mentioned on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times and on Stephen Colbert’s show on Comedy Central—all in the same week? A political kerfuffle.

In case you missed it, according … Read more

So who was Betty Ford?

Wife? Mother? First Lady? Cancer survivor? Activist for women’s issues? Substance abuse prevention trailblazer?

All of those descriptions fit the woman whose death touched so many people, including some too young to know her in the midst of the public … Read more

Ready for National Junk Food Day?

It’s real…but it’s also a joke. July 21 is now designated as the day when we are encouraged to eat all the junk food we want—cheeseburgers with bacon, nachos with cheese, junk dogs…well, your choice—without  guilt.

But the joke is … Read more

The Good Food Paradox

In a nation criss-crossed by strip malls dotted with fast-food restaurants where one thousand-calorie meals are available in an instant for less than what it costs to buy a gallon of gas, and where no fewer than five shows dedicated … Read more

It’s always nice to be noticed

Most of the work we do at The Junior League is quiet work.  A project might be done in a day, but it takes weeks and months of set-up and coordination.  Fund-raising projects – even very successful ones – don’t … Read more