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So how do you make an impact?

Good question.  Like many Leagues, the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay (JLOEB) has wrestled with it for decades.  And the answer, at least in the past, has been: Start something that lasts.

Take domestic violence.

JLOEB started the Family Stress … Read more

How strong is the power of association?

Call it the multiplier effect.  Sure, one League out of 292 can make a difference in its own community, but harness the power of 292 Junior Leagues and you can make a big difference around the world. The Leagues are … Read more

So you think college is expensive?

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.  First, start with what we all know – that babies are expensive.  Second, understand that a single component of that cost – diapers – can be as much as $130 a month.  Third, … Read more

Five Years After Katrina: Lessons from New Orleans

One of the great attributes of a successful Junior League is the extent to which members take their Junior League training and experience outside into the community and do great things.

So with the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just … Read more

Literacy Requires Reading – Even in the Summer!

Literacy has been a core focus of The Junior League for decades.  But the kind of literacy program that makes us smile is a program that puts good books in the hands of kids.  And what better time to do … Read more