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Civic Leadership | Women

Will We Finish What the Suffragettes Started?

Women’s Equality Day, celebrated in the United States every year on August 26th, is the country’s moment to acknowledge the passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.  On this day, we honor the … Read more

Civic Leadership | Thoughts from the Exec. Dir.

The way forward….

Last weekend in Charlottesville, the world watched as organizations marched under the “banners” of freedom of speech and expression. What we witnessed was not about freedom of expression as freedoms are never absolute; they always come with constraints. What we Read more

Civic Leadership | Women

What does it mean to ‘work together’?

It’s no secret that Junior League members can accomplish more together than they can as individuals. And the same goes for their Junior Leagues when they band together as powerful issues advocates as State Public Affairs Committees, or SPACs. The … Read more