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Back-to-school time already?

For families with young children, shopping for school supplies is a bittersweet ritual that states clearly that summer vacation is almost over.

For too many families with young children, however, it’s often an exercise in balancing expenses that, even for … Read more

Does what we do really make a difference?

That’s a question many people who volunteer their time and talent have asked, at one time for another.

In answering that question, at least at The Junior League, you need to look at a longer perspective than just what … Read more

Yes, We Did Do More than ‘Just Play Bridge’ Back Then

One of this year’s hottest summer movies looks to be The Help, the entertaining screen version of the best-seller of the same name. Because The Junior League—or at least a fictionalized version of the Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi—plays … Read more

School Isn’t Free

As families begin to think about back-to-school shopping, some naturally have anxiety – economic anxiety. It’s no secret that the economy is still in a rough patch. But for families already living on the edge, shopping for school supplies can … Read more

What happens when you ‘age out’ of foster care?

Here’s the short list: Finish school. Find a home. Get a job. Create a support system. Think about college or vocational training. And stay out of trouble. The last item can be the toughest, as statistics show that foster youth … Read more