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So much to be grateful for…Thanksgiving in the United States

Thanksgiving 2012
Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving in the United States is a time when we not only enjoy a bounty of good food and drink—and the company of those important to us—but also when we pause and reflect on what we are grateful to have … Read more

Maybe that’s why they call it ‘seed money.’

National Nutrition Month may be over for this year, but let’s talk about our Kids in the Kitchen program, which is the recipient of a $75,000 award from Kashi as part of The Kashi REAL Project™, an initiative designed … Read more

Is there a food desert near your community?

Maybe. The fact is, millions of Americans live in what the USDA defines as a food desert: a low-income census tract whose residents have low access to a supermarket or large grocery store. (To see where the closest food desert … Read more

How much is a Facebook ‘Like’ worth? (Try $10)

That’s what Kashi (think healthy food) will donate to The Junior League for every Facebook “Like” our members, community partners and friends provide until February 22, up to a total of $75,000. Whatever funds we receive – and we hope … Read more