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Planting the seeds of women’s leadership

In an opinion piece for the Tennessean a few weeks ago, former Federal Communications Commissioner Debi Tate wrote about how important it is that leadership reflect what we look like as nations in which half the citizens are women. Writing … Read more

Equal Futures Partnership

March 10 – 21 marked the convening of the 58th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Over the course of nearly two weeks, over 6,000 delegates from all regions … Read more

How do we define ‘success’?

Good question.

At The Junior League, the best measurement is our ability to create lasting community impact.
That is what we strive to do with every program or initiative we start.

So it’s always interesting to take a look … Read more

What does getting muddy have to do with self-esteem?

At the Junior League of the Quad Cities, it’s a key element of an ambitious program to nurture self-esteem among girls and young women.

It’s also part of a larger understanding of self-esteem issues among women and girls. According … Read more

What makes a good program a good program?

Based on what the Junior League of Pensacola (JULEP) is doing with its foster care initiative, we’d say the formula is: pressing need + community support + total commitment + willingness to adapt.

JULEP is in the fifth year of … Read more