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Equal Futures Partnership

March 10 – 21 marked the convening of the 58th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Over the course of nearly two weeks, over 6,000 delegates from all regions … Read more

What do girls need to know about life?

You’ve seen it in the media. You’ve talked about it with other parents. And sometimes your own daughter will open up and talk about it. It goes by a lot of names – cyberbullying…power cliques…and mean girls (they even made … Read more

Healthy kids are a good thing, right?

Sure. Next question.

Well, the next question is, what can we, as a volunteer organization and as individuals, do to achieve that worthy goal?

With the approach of Child Health Day, an annual federal observance day that falls on … Read more

Worried about childhood obesity? Start with Halloween.

Did you know the average American consumes 25 pounds of candy each year, much of which is consumed around Halloween?  And, let’s face it, kids consume a large portion of that pile of sweets.

Kids are not going to stop … Read more

So what does “take on an empty stomach” really mean?

For some people, even basic health instructions can be challenge.  Not because they don’t care about their health, but because their literacy issues often compound their health issues.

According to the Institute of Medicine, some 90 million Americans have … Read more