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Sometimes change takes a while

Human trafficking has been high on the legislative agenda of the Junior Leagues of the State of New York State Public Affairs Committee since 2006, when NYSPAC members urged members of the New York State Assembly and Senate to enact … Read more

What Can “We” Do About Human Trafficking?

It’s hard to remember now, but it was only recently that human trafficking – which is a growing global problem of enormous scale – was something that most people simply didn’t talk about. In fact, it was only in 2007 Read more

An old evil born anew

In a women’s bathroom at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend, travelers were reminded of a plague of the modern age that put down its roots at the beginning of civilization.

Tacked  inside … Read more

New hope in the fight against prostitution and sex trafficking

Over the last decade we’ve watched the world’s newest technology enable the world’s oldest profession to flourish. Just as the Internet has put fashion and furniture in the hands of consumers without so much as a trip to the curb, … Read more