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How was your Valentine’s Day?

(The following appeared on The Huffington Post on Feb. 17, 2015)

I received my Valentine’s Day gift in Guatemala City from an elderly woman living in a nursing home in Guatemala City. Her name is Florencia, and the gift she … Read more

In the darkness, glimmers of hope

The Israel-Gaza conflict. Ferguson, Mo. The Islamic State terror network. Ebola. Ukraine. Robin Williams. From the sad and often horrifying news in the headlines these days it’s easy to think the world is coming apart at its seams, that our … Read more

Don’t believe everything you read . . .

To say that AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish was moved by the urban renewal she witnessed on a recent trip to the beleaguered city of Detroit for AJLI’s Fall Leadership conference is an understatement. Read her thoughts about comebacks in Read more

AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish takes on the media and not-for-profits–and the power of voluntarism

AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish has been unusually prolific in the last week.

First she penned a piece entitled “If a Nonprofit Falls in the Forest” for Stanford Social Innovation Review on the disappearance of reporters from the not-for-profit beat … Read more

Advocacy in many forms at AJLI’s 91st Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

Though we don’t typically use this space to comment on the business of the Association, several magical things happened last month that we thought were worth sharing with a broader audience because they are intrinsic to the essence of women’s … Read more