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A petition to give volunteers a seat at the world’s table

Just back from the 23rd conference of the International Association of Volunteer Effort, inveterate volunteer and AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish added her voice to the organization’s petition of the United Nations which calls for volunteers around the world be … Read more

The good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity endorsements

In The Chronicle of Philanthropy, AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish examines both the value and the cost celebrity ambassadors can impose upon charitable causes in the race for media exposure. To read her piece, click here.… Read more

Equal Futures Partnership

March 10 – 21 marked the convening of the 58th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Over the course of nearly two weeks, over 6,000 delegates from all regions … Read more

Don’t believe everything you read . . .

To say that AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish was moved by the urban renewal she witnessed on a recent trip to the beleaguered city of Detroit for AJLI’s Fall Leadership conference is an understatement. Read her thoughts about comebacks in Read more

AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish takes on the media and not-for-profits–and the power of voluntarism

AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish has been unusually prolific in the last week.

First she penned a piece entitled “If a Nonprofit Falls in the Forest” for Stanford Social Innovation Review on the disappearance of reporters from the not-for-profit beat … Read more